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Interested in playing some of my games? 

Please, feel free to click the link to my page!

Digital Janitors

Digital Janitors is a game I've been working on since the projects creation in a game design class at Drexel University. Since then we have taken ownership of the game as an independent studio through Entrepreneur Game Studio at Drexel. 

Monochrome RPG

DVNC is where Interned for over the Summer. I worked on games as a programmer with a primary focus on a game called Monochrome RPG. I implemented a dialogue and quest system. I also worked On the battle system and inventory/loot systems within the game.

Unreal Engine Horror Forest

This game was my attempt at a Unreal engine Horror game. It was a personal project that taught me fundamentals of physics, lighting, and level design within Unreal Engine.
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