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Digital Janitors
Tired Turtle Games is a small group of five other Drexel students that I worked with to release my first game to steam! With the help of the Entrepreneurial Game Studio at Drexel. It is a small group of five other students, and our current project together is titled "Digital Janitors". This project is made in Unity and can currently be found on Steam.

Game Designer
Composer/Sound Engineer 

Responsibility's Include
  • Game Designer & Sound Design Engineer

  • Designed mechanics and encounters based on the goals and themes of the project 

  • Worked to create a replayable and enjoyable experience in each game mode offered. 

  • Collaborated with a small team to reach all design goals for sound, art, and gameplay in each level.

  • Produced engaging music and detailed sound effects

Steam Link
GDWC win pin.PNG
Bean Bandits


  • Organized Trello for programming, art, and design teams

  • Developed team pipelines and managed team documentation

  • Responsible for team Scrum, meetings, and presentations.

  • Managed a team of 20 people for a project with a 20 week-long deadline.

In this game, I worked as the Project Manager. I was responsible for the entire project's vision and collaboration between our different departments of skill. This game is a couch Co-op part game where players would compete in minigames in order to escape a temple with the most treasure.


DVNC Tech LLC is where Interned over the Summer of 2020. I worked on games as a programmer with a primary focus on a game called Monochrome RPG. I implemented a dialogue and quest system. I also worked on the battle system and inventory/loot systems within the game.

Programmer/Game Designer

Responsibility's Include
  • Programming and RPG framework tasks
  • Game design prototyping
  •  UI design of dialogue and quest menus
  • Dialogue Implementation 

Unreal Engine Horror Forest

This game was my attempt at an Unreal engine Horror game. It was a solo personal project that taught me the fundamentals of physics, lighting, and level design within Unreal Engine.

Responsible for
  • Level Design
  • Lighting 
  • Blueprint Tweaking
In this tab, you will be able to see a collection of music created for the games above.

Chimera VR

Chimera VR was a project aimed to solve distance problems companies and consumers may have when trying to get to work or to a show of any kind. I worked on concepting and designing plans to have spatial audio in the project and worked with many of the other teams to inform them on finding and help out where I could.
Responsible for
  • Researching and developing
  • bug fixes on the project
  • Meeting with teams leads and informing them on the right steps to take for audio implementation
  • Finding the best ways to implement spatial 3D Audio into the project.
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